An Intro



In a vastly populated country like India, it’s important for the emergency services to be efficient and always up on its toes. During tragic circumstances, when you see someone near & dear to you writhing in pain in an ambulance stuck in heavy traffic, you wish there existed some system which could have guided the ambulance through a better path or when you see your property burning down to ashes because the fire truck couldn’t locate you in time, you wish there existed some system which could get it to your property fast enough to save it from complete annihilation.


You can get your money back if the pizza boy doesn’t deliver in 30 minutes but you can’t get a person’s life back who died waiting for the ambulance, nor can you get your property back which was burnt waiting for the fire truck which was stuck somewhere in the city due to traffic or miscommunication.

Drawing our inspiration from some hard facts pertaining to the present emergency response system and with a vision of bringing about a change with the help of technology, we set out on a mission to develop a better, faster, more responsive emergency response system.


We are a group of undergraudate engineering students from BITS-Pilani University's KK Birla Goa Campus and it has almost been 2 years since we started working on this project, revising our system everytime we got a chance to take feedbacks from various people associated with related fields like Embedded Systems, Emergency Response Services in India and abroad, experienced technicians et al. You can browse through the links at the top of this page to get a detailed view of the project.